10 Beautiful Places and Tourist Attractions to Visit in Skardu City.

If you want to see heaven on earth, Heavens open their doors right here. Come – Experience this place.

Beautiful Places to visit Skardu City.
Bird Eye View of Skardu City

First, watch this video of the top ten wonderful tourist spots to visit in Skardu City.

Video: Top 10 places to visit Skardu City.

Top ten amazing tourist attractions and spots within 10 km of Skardu city.

You must be planning to visit Skardu City, one of the most beautiful regions in Gilgit Baltistan, North of Pakistan. But the question is where to visit and why? because there are many tourist spots over there in Skardu, once came here never want to leave.

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If you want to see heaven on earth,

Heavens open their doors right here.

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Want to Taste Gilgit Baltistan foods?

Enjoy the Traditional Foods of Gilgit Baltistan. Enjoy the tasty traditional foods of Gilgit Baltistan. Visit the food section of this website, and find the recipe for the best foods in Gilgit Baltistan. GB FOODS So let’s see what are the most beautiful and amazing places to visit in Skardu city. Although there are many wonderful tourist destinations in Baltistan, In this post we will be covering only those tourist points which are within a 10 km range of Skardu city. You do have not to travel so much to see these places, except the Kharfacho fort. These are the top tourist destinations and the most visited ten beautiful places in Skardu city.

  1. Sadpara Lake is an amazing freshwater lake in Skardu Baltistan.
  2. Cold Desert Skardu is World’s highest cold desert.
  3. Katpana Village Skardu.
  4. Kharfacho Fort Skadu, The king of Forts in Baltistan.
  5. Manthal Buddha Rocks, An 8th-century Buddha relief at Skardu City.
  6. Khosho Chumick Skardu Baltistan.
  7. Skardu Airport
  8. Shaheen Polo Ground is a ground to enjoy the game of polo, the game of kings.
  9. The Bank of Indus river Skardu Baltistan and Chumik Area.
  10. Hargisa Stream ( Nala) Skardu Baltistan.

The list above is of tourist spots and attractions within a 10km range of Skardu city. Read more: 20 Beautiful Touristic Destinations and Attractions you must Visit in Skardu Baltistan.

Sadpara Lake is an amazing freshwater lake in Skardu Pakistan.

Sadpara is one of the largest freshwater resources in Pakistan. This lake is the prime source of drinking water, electricity, and irrigation in Skardu city. Apart from that this lake is also a beautiful tourist attraction because of its serenity. Nothing can beat the spectacularity and freshness of this lake. The lake is only at a distance of 9km from Skardu city.

Read more about other lakes: 4 Most Beautiful Fresh Water Lakes in The Vicinity of Skardu City.

Sadpara Lake Skardu.

Cold Desert Skardu, World’s Highest Cold Desert in Skardu Pakistan.

The sand dunes of Katpana village desert form the spectacular cold desert of Skardu. This desert world’s highest cold desert which is 14000 feet above sea level. This place is one of the most visited places in Skardu. Last year OLX also arranged a desert safari competition here.

Highest Cold Desert in The World
World’s Highest Cold Desert Skardu

Katpana Village Skardu.

Katpana Village is a scenic and beautiful landscape in Skardu. The lush green pastures with apricot trees on the bank of Hargeisa water stream, on the outskirts of Skardu city. A walk on these pastures in the evening after a tiring day in the city is worthwhile.

Katpana Cold Desert Skardu.

Kharfacho Fort, The King of Forts in Gilgit Baltistan.

Kharfacho fort which stands high on the Indus river guarding the city is also called the king of forts. It was believed that the way to this fort was only known to the royal family. Later the present way was made and now it is open to the public. But the way this fort is still hard to hike. If you are on a visit to Skardu city this fort is a must-see place in the city.

Find more Royal Forts here.

Kharfacho Fort Skardu Pakistan.

Manthal Buddha Rocks, 8th Century Buddha Relief at Skardu.

This eighth-century Buddha relief represents the late phase of the golden era of Buddhism in the upper Indus valley between the eighth to tenth centuries. The Buddha relief is a large yellow rock that shows the meditating Buddha surrounded by small bodhisattvas and two standing metreyas. The Manthal Buddha site is protected under the antiquities act of 1975.

Manthal Budhha Rocks Skardu.jpg
Manthal Buddha Rocks Skardu

Khosho Chumick Skardu Baltistan.

Want to enjoy a beautiful and tranquil natural freshwater spring in Skardu city? Here you can visit Khosho Chumik. The lush green pastures through which, pass the freshwater channel filled with natural water springs. The place is best for some leisure activities like city parties, camping, and games.

Khosho Chumik Skardu.
Khosho Chumick Skardu.

Skardu International Airport.

You might have seen many airports in this world, that are beautiful. Those airports are famous for their recreational, and artificial beauty. The Skardu airport has a totally different beauty aspect. Nothing can compare to the scenic beauty of Skardu airport. While traveling from Islamabad to Skardu by air, this beautiful and wonderful view of Skardu airport might be the first treat, of the many offerings of Skardu city.

Skardu International Airport.

Shaheen/Maqpoon Polo Ground Skardu City.

Tired of hiking and traveling? No worries, Skardu city has the best place to relax and watch the game of royalty, the game of kings, and the polo. The Shaheen polo ground is the place where you can enjoy the game of polo. Above this polo ground, there is a library named municipal library Skardu. After an exciting polo match, you can always visit this library to study the history of Gilgit Baltistan and Polo or anything else.

Shaheen/Maqpoon Polo Ground Skardu.

The Bank of Indus river and Chumik area Skardu.

In the evening, you might like to enjoy a sunset on the bank of the Indus river Skardu. Nothing is more exciting than a sunset on the bank of the Indus river. The golden hours just before the sunset will trace in your memory forever. There is also a construction of a bridge underway, which is believed to be the longest bridge in Gilgit Baltistan. This bridge will connect Shigar valley to Skardu city.

Bank of Indus River Skardu.

Hargeisa Stream from Sadpara Lake.

The fresh crystal blue water from Sadpara lake flows through Skardu city to form Hargeisa Stream. While sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream in the afternoon, listening to the relaxing sounds of splashing water when they strike rocks with the cool breeze of air, wildering freshness all around is just an amazing experience.



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