Recipe for Golee or Giyaling, Preparation of a traditional Hunzai breakfast.

Enjoy a Traditional Hunza Style Breakfast at Home.

Golee, A traditional Hunzai Breakfast.
Giyaling, A traditional Hunzai Breakfast.

Go-Lee is to make your breakfast savory. It is usually served on breakfast on usual occasions but also cooked on special occasions as well. Normally it is best with a Namkeen Chai, but you can eat it with simple chai if you feel uncomfortable with the namkeen thing. Giyaling is a local occasional dish of a Hunza valley. It is specially made on the occasion of Gianni, and Ginani is an event which is performed after the cultivation of a crop especially the wheat. In the month of May and June when wheat began to prepare, all the owners of a land go to their fields to enjoy the Ginani event with Giyaling. Recipe of Giyaling. Flat bread, made with whole grain flours, rich in vitamin B-17. it is served by spreading butter on bread, on extraordinary events. Try to prepare Golee at home by looking at this recipe for Golee.

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Giyaling served with Almond oil. Yummy ♡

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Ingredients and utensils for Golee/Giyaling.

Plain flour. 500g
Eggs 2
Salt As per taste.
Water 2 cups. Milk optional.
Butter (Desi Ghee) 200g
Cooking Oil 1 tsp
Deep bowl 1
Coffee scoop 1
Pan 1
Platter 1
Table spoon

Go-lee or Giyaling. A traditional breakfast at Hunza.

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Preparation of Giyaling.

  1. Take a large deep bowl.add flour, a table spoon butter and salt to taste.
  2. Whisk eggs well and add them to the flour bowl.
  3. Add water and whisk all the ingredients until they are mixed well.
  4. You can add a pinch of baking powder but it’s optional.
  5. Heat a pan over moderate heat and grease it with cooking oil.
  6. Fill coffee scoop of mixture and spread it on the preheated pan adjust the heat
  7. accordingly.
  8. if the temperature is right it will turn golden/brown underneath in 50 seconds.
  9. If it is golden flip it to cook the other side and cook it for another 40 seconds.flip it again
  10. and cook for 15 seconds
  11. when Go-lee is cooked well shift it on a platter take a table spoon of butter and spread well.
  12. repeat the process(step 6-9) to make another Go-lee.


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