One Week Tour and Sightseeing Plan at Skardu Baltistan.

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Most of the tourist visit GB with a travel agency. They have their own visiting plan and packages. But if you are traveling on your own, you either need a tour guide or read this post. This post will be very helpful for those tourists who will be traveling to Gilgit Baltistan on their own conveyance, without a tour guide. This is a proposed one-week tour plan based on our experience. Read this post so that you have some idea for your travel plan like where to visit and where to stay. From where you should start your trip? This post will make it easy for you. This is just a template tour plan for a one-week stay at Skardu Baltistan, you can try it. If you think it is not feasible or you have a better tour plan let us know in the contact section of our website.

Day one itinerary for Skardu.

#Time.Activity Description/Details.
19:00 AMLeave for Shangrila from Skardu.
29:40 AMEntry at Shagrila, Sightseeing, boating, swimming, etc.
32:30 PMLeave for upper Kachura Lake, Boating swimming, etc.
4if you have time.Tour & Sightseeing Kachura valley with a tour guide. Visit Sxoq Kachura, a very beautiful place.
57:00 PMReturn to Skardu and Stay.
Travel plan for day 1 in Skardu.

Day two itinerary for Skardu.

#Time.Activity Description/Details.
19:00 AMLeave for Manthokha Waterfall.
211:00 AMReach Manthokha Waterfall, Photography, and enjoy a natural shower bath at the waterfall.
32:00 PMLunch at any nearby Hotel.
43:00 PMReturn to Skardu and Stay.
5After lunchVisit Khamosh waterfall, another natural waterfall at Kharmang.
* This destination may be far, consult before you depart.
Travel plan for day 2 in Skardu.

Day three itinerary for Skardu.

#Time.Activity Description/Details.
19:00 AMLeave for Shigar Valley.
29:25 AMReach Shigar Bridge, Cold Desert Shigar, and Enjoy photography.
39:35 AMShigar View Point.
49:45 AMShigar Valley, visit Shigar Fort, Amacha polo ground.
512:00 PMVisit Kaniskar Shigar, lunch.
62:00 PMLeave for Hashupi Bagh, the Apple garden, and shop for fruits.
74:00 PMReach Blind lake Shigar.
87:00 PMReturn to Skardu and Stay.
Travel Plan for Day 3 in Skardu.

Day Four itinerary for Skardu.

#Time.Activity Description/Details.
19:00 AMLeave for Khaplu Valley.
211:30 AMReach Kaplu Fort.
31:00 PMlunch at Kaplu.
4after lunchExplore Khaplu, Sailing, Shyok River, etc.
57:00 PMReturn to Skardu and stay.
Travel Plan for Day 4 in Skardu.

Day Five itinerary for Skardu.

#Time.Activity Description/Details.
19:00 AMLeave for Organic Village (Nangsxoq Skardu).
22:00 PMReturn to Skardu, lunch.
33:00 PMDesert Safari Cold Deserts Skardu, sightseeing Katpana Skardu.
47:00 PMReturn to Skardu and Stay.
Travel Plan for Day 5 in Skardu.

Day Six and Seven itineraries for Skardu.

#Time.Activity Description/Details/
18:00 AMLeave for Deosai.
28:30 AMReach Sadpara Lake Skardu.
311:00 AMReach Deosai Top (Ali Malik Mar Pass), and have tea and breakfast.
412:30 PMReach Bara Pani, Chose a camping site, photograph, and wander the 2nd highest plateau of the world.
56:00 PMMake BBQ, Dinner, and camp.
69:00 AM(next day) Leave for Sheosar Lake, photography, lunch, etc.
711:00 AMReach Kala Pani.
81:00 PMReach Sheosar Lake, photography, lunch.
94:00 PMReturn to Skardu and stay.
104:00 PMLeave for Chilim Valley and reach Astore directly in case you don’t want to go back to Skardu.
Travel Plan for Days 5 & 6 in Skardu.

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  1. Thanks for such a beautiful article and detailed plan. I’ve couple of questions if you can include these in your guide plan. Which of these activities can be done on own car (1300/1600 cc sedan). What’s the estimated budget for these activities excluding nights stay skardu. Are all these activities possible with two young kids

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