Gilgit Baltistan a Winter Wonderland, Winter Beauty Through The Lens of GB Photographers.

Gilgit Baltistan a winter wonder land Photo By: Abrar Khawaja

Finally, winter is here. The beauty of the region can not be expressed in words, but thanks to our talented photographers. Through their lens, you can feel the real beauty of the winter wonderland of Gilgit Baltistan. Here we have collected some of the most beautiful photos and Art of our photographers you might like.

Experience the magnificent winter beauty of Gilgit Baltistan.

Best of Abrar Khawaja.

Winter wonderland Sarfaranga Cold Desert

A Beautiful Golden Hour and Sunset at Indus River.

Frozen Indus River

Shangrila Lake During Winters.

Sunset at Indus River.

Snowfall at Skardu.

A local Boy Enjoying Snowfall in Winter.

Snow Covered Shigar Bridge.

Thorgu Bridge –
Near Sarfaranga Shigar

Rattu Astor Valley Gilgit Baltistan.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold”

Kharfacho Hill Skardu.

A BBQ at the bank of Indus river near Chomik bridge Skardu today, in background Kharpocho Hill & fort.

Saling suspension bridge over Shyok river Ghanche District Gilgit-Baltistan

Saling suspension bridge over Shyok river Ghanche District Gilgit-Baltistan

Shigar Valley in Winter.

Sunset at Skardu City.

Sunset at Skardu in Winters be like.

Jinnah Park, Hussain Abad Skardu.

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