First Ever World’s Highest Cold Desert Jeep Rally Held at Sarfaranga

Conquer the highest cold desert in the world and become the first champion!

Cold Desert Jeep Rally
World's highest cold desert jeep rally

‘Sarfa Ranga’ cold desert jeep rally was held on Sunday (Aug 20) at one of the highest deserts of the world. This Jeep rally was first of its kind, Highest Cold Desert Jeep Rally in the world. About 200 drivers from abroad, Pakistan and the locals participated in the event.

The theme of the competition was: Conquer the highest cold desert and become the first champion! Watch this wonderful video of the world’s highest cold desert jeep rally at Sarfaranga Skardu Pakistan. and Mountain Dew presented Sarfranga Desert Rally 2017 in collaboration with Government of Gilgit Baltistan.

Gilgit Baltistan is, perhaps, the most spectacular region of Pakistan in terms of its geography and scenic beauty. Here in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, world’s three mightiest mountain ranges: the Karakoram, the Hindukush, and the Himalayas – meet. The whole of Gilgit Baltistan is like a paradise for mountaineers, trekkers, and anglers. The region has a rich cultural heritage and variety of rare fauna and flora.

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In the northern areas of Pakistan at an altitude of around 1000 feet, the sand dunes located in Sarfaranga village are a wonderful creation of Allah, at Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. These sand banks are also known as the cold desert with strong winds that shift the dunes, forming different shapes each time. This cold dessert is extended from Khaplu Valley to Nubra Ladakh and Shigar Valley Skardu valley to Zanskar in India.

#World’s #Highest #Could #Desert #Jeep #Rally #2017 at #Sarfaranga #Skardu #Pakistan

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This desert holds a unique place in the hearts of travelers due to its high altitude and cold region. The shooting stars and the moving galaxy spread in the sky in cold nights of Sarfaranga. The Indus River beside crystal clear water reflects the image of colorful trees, enhancing the beauty of Sarfaranga village.

#World’s #Highest #Could #Desert #Jeep #Rally #2017 at #Sarfaranga #Skardu #Pakistan

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