4 Most Beautiful Fresh Water Lakes in The Vicinity of Skardu City.

Want to experience a gracious and eye catching view of most beautiful lakes in Skardu North of Pakistan?

Natural Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan
Fresh water lakes in Skardu

You need to refresh yourself, why not visit Gilgit Baltistan? The unique geography of Gilgit Baltistan has made it a global destination. Start planning your tour today, and don’t forget to visit these beautiful and freshwater lakes in Skardu City. These natural lakes, with glittering freshwater in the vicinity of Skardu, adds the beauty of this region. Apart from other natural beauty of Skardu and its surroundings, these lakes in Skardu city provides amazement to you.

Here are the top most beautiful and visited Lakes in Skardu city.

  1. Shangrila Lake, also known as lower Kachura Lake.
  2. Upper Kachura Lake, also known as Frogh Scho.
  3. Sadpara Lake,
  4. Blind Lake, also known as Jarbazoo.

1Shangrila Lake Kachura Skardu.

The famous lower Khachura lake, popularly known as Shangrila Lake.  It is on a 30 minutes drive from Skardu city, and 20 km away at Kachura Valley Baltistan. Shangrila Lake is home to a luxuriously designed Shangrila Resort. The lake is so pristine that it leaves traces on your mind forever. The lake has gone recreational work and it is a heart shape, which looks very magnificent and beautiful.

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2Upper Kachura Lake Kachura Skardu.

Upper Kachura lake is also known as Frogh Scho. This lake is the second most beautiful lake in the vicinity of Skardu city. Upper Kachura lake is at a distance of 27.7km from Skardu city. It is easily accessible on cars. It is a beautiful lake with fresh and clear blue water surrounded by huge mountains and wild trees. The trees are covered with fruits mainly apricots. The temperature in summers can reach up to 20 C and in winters the lake is frozen. The main attractions of the Upper Kachura lake include its breathtaking scenery, trout fishing, boating, and mountain or hill hiking, and trekking.

3Sadpara Lake Skardu Baltistan.

Nothing can beat the tranquility and spectacular beauty of Sadpara Lake. Sadpara Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Pakistan. At 8 km (5 miles) south of Skardu, 20 minutes drive by jeep, lies the Satpara Lake. Surrounded by high glacial mountains. The lake is considered ideal for fishing. Sadpara Dam is constructed on Sadpara lake, which is the prime source for water and electricity for Skardu city.

Sadpara lake Skardu. One of the largest fresh water lakes in Pakistan.

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4Blind Lake, Jarbazoo Shigar Valley.

The Blind Lake Shigar, locally known as Jarbazoo more accurately Jarbachzoo is a serene freshwater lake in Shigar Valley. The view of Blind Lake Shigar is magnificent and exotic. It is a favorite tourist destination and the best place for photography. The crystal clear blue water of the lake and lush green surroundings make its view more charming. Tourist can enjoy swimming and boating here. The lake is located at 25 minutes drive from Shigar Viewpoint down at the bank of the river.

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Jarbazoo. The blind lake Shigar.

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