20 Beautiful Touristic Destinations and Attractions you must Visit in Skardu Baltistan.


Skardu is a city nestled in the mighty Himalayas. This small city is one of the most fascinating places in the world and offers amazing and beautiful places for tourists to visit in the valley. Skardu is known as the “Queen of the Alps,” and it’s easy to see why: the snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and dense forests make for some of the most iconic landscapes in the world. So if you are planning a trip to Skardu, here is a list of places you must visit in Skardu, which will blow your mind:

Amazing Top Tourist Attractions and best places to visit in Skardu.

  1. Deosai National Park, Skardu.
  2. Shigar Valley Baltistan.
  3. The Cold Deserts (Katpana Desert and Sarfarnga Desert)
  4. Shangrila Lake and Resorts Kachura Baltistan.
  5. Sadpara Lake Skardu Baltistan.
  6. Khaplu Fort.
  7. Manthokha Waterfall Kharmang Baltistan.
  8. Sheosar Lake Deosai.
  9. The Blind Lake Shigar.
  10. Khamosh Abshar Kharmang.
  11. Sxoq Valley Kachura Baltistan.
  12. Tormic Medows Roundu Baltistan.
  13. Upper Kachura Lake Baltistan.
  14. Masroor Rock Hussain Abad.
  15. Nangsxoq The Organic Village Skardu.
  16. Chunda Valley Skardu Baltistan.
  17. Rioung Chumick, The Monal of Skardu.
  18. Saling Spangtoq Khaplu Baltistan.
  19. Basho Valley Roundu Baltistan.
  20. Kharfacho Fort Skardu Baltistan.

20. Deosai National Park Gilgit Baltistan.

The Deosai National Park is located in Skardu at a height of 3500 m, making it one of the highest national parks in the world. The park is one of the most popular destinations in Gilgit Baltistan, with visitors coming to admire the beautiful scenery, which is surrounded by mountains and glaciers. The best time to visit is during the summer when the weather is pleasant and the snow has yet to cover the mountains. The Deosai National Park is known for being a great place for activities such as hiking and camping, which allows visitors to get close to the animals, including the rare Tibetan antelope (also known as the “blue sheep of the Himalayas” for its unique blue color), as well.

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19. Shigar Valley Baltistan.

The Shigar Valley is one of the most famous and beautiful places in Skardu. It’s a steep-walled valley carved by the Shigar River, which cascades down from the spectacular Shigar Alps. The Shigar Valley is a must-visit for climbers, who scale the imposing peaks of the Shigar Alps in search of unexplored summits. But visitors can also enjoy the spectacular views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and dense forests, all of which make it one of the most iconic and photogenic landscapes in Pakistan, and the friendly locals will show you the best views and best routes.

Shigar Fort, which is a majestic piece of architecture also situated among the vast plains of Shigar, was built by Hassan Khan, the 20th ruler of the Amacha Dynasty, in the early 17th century and was previously known as the Palace of Rock. The Shigar valley is also home to Shigar Lake, the largest lake in the region.

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18. The Cold Deserts (Katpana Desert and Sarfarnga Desert)

Another gorgeous spot to visit in Skardu is Katpana Lake and Desert. Between the Himalayas and the Karakoram, there are sand dunes that are nothing less than breathtaking. These captivating sand dunes are located near the Indus River, which runs through Skardu’s two core deserts, the Katpana Desert and the Shigar Desert. Because of the chilly weather and surroundings of the desert, these mesmerizing sand dunes are also known as “cold deserts.”
Aside from the desert, there is also a small, picturesque lake here called Katpana Lake, which is popular with tourists due to its peacefulness and elegance. This gorgeous lake has pure, clear water, rich green meadows, and the Karakoram Mountains in the background, adding to the allure of this enchanting location.

17. Shangrila Lake and Resorts Kachura Baltistan.

A Beautiful Day at Shangrila lake and Resort Skardu.

Located in Skardu at a height of 2500 m, Shangrila Lake is a source of pride for the locals. It is also a popular destination for visitors, who come to admire the beautiful scenery, which is surrounded by mountains and glaciers. The lake is known for being a great place for activities such as boating, fishing, and birdwatching. It is also a good spot for picnics, given that the weather is almost always pleasant. The Shangrila resort is located near this lake and is an ideal place to stay due to its location and breathtaking views. Stay at this resort for a dreamy stay on your vacation.

16. Sadpara Lake Skardu Baltistan.

Satpara Lake, located at an elevation of 8650 feet, is another gorgeous lake in Skardu. This beautiful lake is located 2.5 kilometers from Skardu city. A scenic island in the midst of the lake adds to the splendor of this breathtaking location. Aside from its beauty, this lake is one of Pakistan’s largest freshwater supplies. This lake is Skardu’s primary source of drinking water and energy. Furthermore, hundreds of tourists visit this fascinating turquoise blue lake to enjoy boating, rafting, and fishing in the lake’s quaint fresh water.

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15. Khaplu Fort.

Khaplu Fort Dristrict Ghanche Baltistan.

Khaplu fort, Located in Skardu, Pakistan, this spectacular fort has been standing since the 11th century. Built as an impregnable fortress, the fort has seen countless battles and sieges. The fort has survived many sieges, but it was also built on the site of a former settlement, which was razed to the ground during the construction of the fort in the 12th century. It was also used as a hotel to accommodate royalty and is now covered by the Serena hotel for public use.

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14. Manthokha Waterfall Kharmang Baltistan.

Manthokha Waterfall Kharmang Baltistan.

13. Sheosar Lake Deosai.

Sheosar Lake is another spectacular lake in Skardu. This enthralling lake can be found amid the broad plains of Deosai. With an elevation of 13,589 feet above sea level, this exquisite lake has its own unique charm and splendor that should be seen at least once in a lifetime. The lake’s beauty is enchanting in every season; in the summer, its crystal clear water reflects a variety of colors, while in the winter, this frozen lake throws a spell on tourists with its remarkable beauty. Furthermore, you will see the majestic mountains of Nanga Parbat against the backdrop of the verdant plains of Deosai that encircle the lake from all sides.

12. The Blind Lake Shigar.

The Blind Lake is a fascinating and picturesque lake located about an hour’s drive from Skardu. Shigar Valley is relatively close by. It is surrounded by two rivers. The Indus River and the Shigar River. The lush green trees that encircle the lake are the most prominent aspect that draws attention. The lake’s attractiveness and splendor are very mesmerizing, and they always leave a lasting imprint in the minds of the viewers.

11. Khamosh Abshar Kharmang.

Khamosh Waterfall is an amazing natural waterfall, located 60km away from Skardu city. This beautiful waterfall is located in the Kharmang district of Skardu Baltistan. The scenery around this waterfall is beautiful lush green. The sound of fresh water falling from the height of the peak is so satisfying and relaxing. This mist formed from clean and cold crystal water is the most enjoyable feeling near the waterfall.

10. Sxoq Valley Kachura Baltistan.

Sxoq Valley is a few km away from Shangrila resorts, at a drive of approximately half an hour from Shangrila. The beautiful rivers originating from the high mountains end in one river “the Sxoq river” well before entering Sxoq valley. Four-wheel drive, bike, or trekking can take one to the camping site of the valley after turning left from the village Kachura and driving alongside the Sxoq river. There are many beautiful spots to stay on the way, although it’s a short drive of half hour and the complete path is so mesmerizing and worth spending some time with. From the google map, Shangrila lake and SOQ valley can be seen on two sides of one mountain. You can have a wonderful time at the camping site along with BBQ, bonfire and a cup of tea. The rest of the beauty is already created by Allah and bestowed to this lap of two mountains turning it into a heavenly place for explorers of nature.

9. Tormik Valley Roundu Baltistan.

Tormik Valley Roundo Baltistan. Photo by Abrar Khawaja

Tormik is a panoramic valley in the Subdivision Roundu of the Skardu district. The valley lies on the Gilgit-Skardu link road near the headquarter of Subdivision Roundu, Dambudas. The valley is famous for its lush green and breathtaking high-altitude area known as Broq in the local language, Balti. The Broq has lush green plains, freshwater streams, springs, and forests having different kinds of species of plants. In Broq there is a playground designed for playing Polo. In summer people from different areas of Roundu gather at the Broq to play Polo, which is also known as the regional game of Gilgit-Baltistan territory. Tormik is the second largest valley in Roundu in terms of area and population, Stak Valley being first. In summer July-Mid September, one can reach the Stak valley from Tormik via mountain pass by a track over the Kulankae. The track is very easy and simple if the snow has melted down because in winter the pass is covered by many feet of snow.

8. Upper Kachura Lake Baltistan.

Upper Kachura lake is also known as Frogh Scho. This lake is the second most beautiful lake in the vicinity of Skardu city. Upper Kachura lake is at a distance of 27.7km from Skardu city. It is easily accessible by car. It is a beautiful lake with fresh and clear blue water surrounded by huge mountains and wild trees. The trees are covered with fruits mainly apricots. The temperature in summers can reach up to 20 C and in winters the lake is frozen. The main attractions of Upper Kachura lake include its breathtaking scenery, trout fishing, boating, mountain or hill hiking, and trekking.

7. Marsur Rock Hussain Abad.

Marsur rock resembles Trolltunga Rock Norway. This amazing rock is a newly discovered tourist attraction located in Hussainabad valley near Skardu city, Gilgit Baltistan. Marsur rock is 38 ft long and 25 ft projected horizontally out of the base. It takes 4 hours of uphill hiking from village Hussainabad Skardu to reach there. Visiting this rock will give you a unique experience of 4 hours of high-angle hiking and the finest bird eye view of Skardu city. You can enjoy amazing views of the whole of Skardu city, Hussainabad, Thorgu, Gamba Skardu, Sarfaranga village, Sarfaranga cold desert, the Indus river, Kharpocho Fort, and the mountains around.

6. Nangsxoq The Organic Village Skardu.

There is a very serene and peaceful place in Skardu that many people do not know about known as the Nangsoq village. This is the first settlement in this area that was purposefully developed as an organic village in order to promote this healthy lifestyle. Trek to this beautiful village starts from the neighborhood near Kharpocho fort. It is a beginner-level trek of around 3 kilometers that takes you on a scenic route along the Indus river with some spectacular views of the valley. It takes around an hour to reach the village by walking on a gradually inclining path. You also come across a few wooden bridges along the way.

5. Chunda Valley Skardu Baltistan.

Maltoro Chunda Valley. Photo by Abrar Khawaja

Chundu Valley is like a small slice of heaven situated near Skardu. Apricot, Cherry, Apple, Almond, and Pear trees, each with different flowery aromas and exotic colors, welcome you to the region. This valley is situated on elevated ground and offers a wonderful view of Skardu City. The spring blossom season in Gilgit-Baltistan is the greatest time to explore the Chunda Valley since it is filled with so many different hues of fruit-bearing plants.

4. Rioung Chumick, The Monal of Skardu.

A beautiful view of Skardu City from Riong Chumick. Photo by Abrar Khawaja

Tourists go to Monal Islamabad to enjoy the breathtaking view of Islamabad, likewise, you can hike to Rioung Chumick in Skardu to enjoy the birds-eye view of Skardu city. ‘Rioung’ is a Balti language word meaning Rabbit.

3. Saling Spangtoq Khaplu Baltistan.

Saling Spangtoq Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan A wonderful place to visit and landscape photography. It is situated within 20 minute drive from Khaplu valley. District Ghanche is home to some of the most attractive rivers mainly Shyoke and Saling Rivers. Alongside these rivers are beautiful settlements and the water from these rivers is basically the lifeblood of the population here. Saling is a gateway to Hushe Valley as well as a very nice camping spot just beside a lake. On the other side is a wonderful view of Khaplu Town. There is a beautiful fish farm in Saling that offers delicious fish feasts, in which you can just fish your own fish or you can point out what would you like to have over lunch. On the furthest side of Saling is the Mashabrum and sister peaks which gives this place much like a look of Village Pasu in upper Hunza valley. But it sure has a touch of its own uniqueness.

2. Basho Valley Roundu Baltistan.

Basho Valley is one of the beautiful and picturesque landscapes in Roundu district Baltistan. This Valley with its extreme beauty, majestic snow-capped mountains, and primitive charm are one of the favorite places to visit in Skardu, the Northern area of Pakistan. About one and a half hours drive from Skardu, the famous city of Baltistan. The valley is almost 8,800 feet above sea level. Around 45 km away from Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, and at approx.10,000 ft high. This valley offers you a beautiful meadow and a waterfall to visit.

1. Kharfacho Fort Skardu.

Kharfacho fort, known as the king of forts, which stands high on the Indus river guarding the city is also called the king of forts. It was believed that the way to this fort was only known to the royal family. Later the present way was made and now it is open to the public. But the way this fort is still hard to hike. If you are on a visit to Skardu city this fort is a must-see place in the city.

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